Extend Your HP DesignJet Plotter Lifespan with These Habits in UAE

If you are running an Engineering firm, Large Format Printers or so called CAD Plotters like HP Designjet Plotter or Canon Prograf Plotter Printers play an important and vital role in your business. Whether you are an architectural firm or a Interial Designing company or even an Automobile manufacturer, a Plotter is always an important part of the daily business routine.  Although HP Designjet Plotter being the most important equipment of Engineering industry, they are often devoid of proper maintenance or service tasks until they break down or run in to any trouble or error. There are some easy to follow and life-saving tips and tricks in maintaining Plotters such as Canon imagePROGRAF or HP Designjet. The tips we shows here will make your Plotters work efficiently and  keeping the Ink systems, like nozzles & Print heads clean, which leads to sharper image quality, better printing speed and low ink consumption etc. Even after following the tips, if your HP Designjet Plotter gives same error, it's not too difficult contact Printer Repair Hub a HP Designjet plotter service center in Dubai.

HP Printers, specifically CAD Plotters are the equipments with sensitive parts in it. They require a lot of consideration to guarantee they endure day by day heavy useage. Printer Repair Hub helps our customers every one of the advantages of our printing arrangements. Here are couple of printing best practices to keep your machine fit as a fiddle until the end of its printer life expectancy.

Stay tuned with updates

A commonly overlooked maintenance practice is software updates. If an update becomes available, it’s in the user’s best interest to download it. Software enhancements often include updated security measures that your printer should not go without. Hackers grow to understand security practices and tend to latch onto vulnerable software. Don’t put your office’s printer at risk by failing to update.

Clean your CAD Plotters on daily basis or atleast more frequently

Another great way to elongate your printer’s lifespan is with regular cleanings. Dust, debris, and residual ink can build up in a printer, in turn affecting its performance. Excess material could interfere with the flow of paper, resulting in frequent paper jams. To clean your printer, turn the system off and brush away any accumulated filth.

Keep your printer in secure environment

Printers are a piece of machinery – your office should treat it as such. Don’t place a printer in an area close to vents, radiators, or direct sunlight. Since printers give off some amount of heat, they will not fair near additional heat sources. With that said, do not place your printer near any source of water or in a high-traffic area. Bumps and spills could do some serious damage to your printer.

Try to use proper accessories of your printer

That age-old saying, you get out what you put in, stands true for printers too. If you are putting bad quality products and parts into your printer, it will likely deplete the printer lifespan. Replace cartridges and toners with the products recommended by your service provider for optimal printer performance.

Choose Good Quality Paper

Paper consideration is another problem of causing paper jams. Always choose the paper which was intended to be utilized with the printer. Using heavier paper may result in jamming of papers. To print with different types of paper, inform the printer through the setting about the weight of the paper.

Print in Right Manner

The printers usually print the documents from the initial page. This sometimes causes a huge paper arranging task to reorder them. Printing with the reverse order can be extremely helpful in saving the time of rearranging the papers. This option can be chosen from the advanced option and then select the “Print pages in reverse order” option.

Don’t put extra loads on your printer

Among the leading causes of death for printers these days is overwork. Every printer has its limit, and there’s no more certain way to decrease the lifespan of your office investment than to use it for purposes it wasn’t intended. In this case, we’re referring to the printer’s monthly duty cycle. This is a numerical value that all printers have which gives you a near estimate of how many sheets of paper a printer is capable of printing in a single month. Lower end printers have lower monthly duty cycles, just as higher end models are capable of much more. If you’re shopping for a new printer, make sure the monthly duty cycle is double what you expect to print in a month. If you already own a printer and want to extend its life, find out what the duty cycle is and don’t work it to death – unless you want a good reason to go printer shopping.

Resetting the cartridge

Sometimes the printer pops-up the dialog-box of empty cartridges even though it’s not empty. This problem can be conveniently resolved by just resetting the cartridge. But be careful while resetting the printer as it may damage the cartridge permanently.

Consistency maintained with PostScript

With the PostScript option, the biggest leverage of it is not to worry about the printer languages, line breaks, page breaks, graphic placements and much more. If concerned with the consistency concept, stick to PostScript printers. If this is not possible, convert the document into PDF file and print from Acrobat.

Tray load and alignment

Sometimes the tray of the printer is overloaded or heavily loaded. This can result in paper jams and stuck paper issues. The printer trays should be loaded with about three-fourths of its capacity to safely deal with it. This will also be helpful for the slider to slide the papers reliably.

Maintenance by professional

The most ideal approach to guarantee your machine arrives at its greatest printer life expectancy is by entrusting an overseen print team, like Printer Repair Hub UAE. Printer Repair Hub will send a whole print appraisal to increase the total comprehension of your office's print volumes, examples, and security chance. We will at that point effectively screen and keep up your printing equipment to guarantee each part of your printer remains in unblemished condition. Mitigating the weight of print support from an office space enables your group to concentrate on increasingly significant office to-dos.

Printer Repair Hub is a devoted group of administration experts. We consistently work to effectively oversee and keep up your office frameworks. When you depend on us with your printing needs, we can ensure your framework will meet its greatest printer life expectancy. Don't hesitate to contact our team today for further details.

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